Smoke and Flame

A thief's work

After dispatching the final basilisk, the three young shifters continued their trek through the House of the Dead. House wasn’t the correct term for a building so large. Manse or castle but house was wrong. And it was old, not origins old but close. They hoped that Hermes was watching over them as they strode down the long abandoned corridors.
The young cousins mind kept going back to lifeless head of their clan-master, grandsire Felton, and the threat the albino made about the rest of their clan if they did not retrieve the Heart of the Spider from this place. Saul, the youngest, tried in vain to shift into a rat as a ghost struck out at his soul. He stepped back and released a pressure plate that caused a door to start closing. Sint, the oldest of the three, started running towards the closing door with Saul and Jeremiah close behind, they all three barely made it in to the next chamber.
Ghosts swirled around the circular room as if they where in a whirlpool. Sint noticed the Heart of the Spider in the center of the Vortex and moved towards it. The ghosts parted for the young shapeshifter as he strode confidently towards his prize. The Crystal Spider looked to be made of Sapphire.
As Sint seized the goal, the legs of the Spider came to life and impaled his hand. Sint’s hand shot straight up into the air and swirl of ghosts started to enter the gem. The doors blew open and spirits from the rest of the building entered the crystalline arachnid. As the last of the ghosts entered the Heart of the Spider, there was an explosion of energy. Sint and the others where flung against the walls.
Hours later as they arrived at the meeting place, Sint could not believe the feeling of power that flowed through him. The three waited impatiently for the arrival of the Albino and his Black elven whore.
He entered. “do you have it?”
Sint showed his Spider embedded hand to the gaunt stranger. The Spider appeared more a ruby than a sapphire now.
“ release their clan,” the Albino said to his Drow assistant.
Sint asked “ How in hades are you going to..?” the question was cut off as the Stranger’s blade cut off Sint’s hand. the move was so fast that Saul and Jeremiah swore that he thought the hand off. Sint fell to the ground in fear and astonishment expecting to die from loss of blood but the wound appeared to be healed already.
“That’s how! Thank you young sirs for you service. Here is your reward.” the Albino said as he opened a chest that had enough gold to last the clan for generations. “maybe the young master will be able to have a new hand fashioned for him.” With that the Albino left the three amazed young shapeshifters.



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