Smoke and Flame


Upon leaving the city, we would release the girl and I would right the following letter so that she may deliver it to her fiance. It would be written in Bonnstadti.

Dear Baron Herschfeldt,

During your recent battle with the forces of The Bonnstadt Freemen Army, nine men and one woman were killed in the outpost west of your castle. The next morning, four of your guards were killed inside your castle, and your betrothed was taken from there. As you are now aware, she has been returned to you without a request for ransom. This is simply because she was taken in error because of a deceit played upon us by a man that I can only assume is your enemy, Baron Toregon.

Toregon hired our company under false pretenses. He broke the code of honesty that is required by people such as us from our employers. Once we realized that we had been fooled. We immediately sent your lady back to you bearing this message.

We are The Hell Hounds. We are an honorable company of warriors. Kidnapping girls is not our line of work, although rescuing them often is.
Four of our number did inflict a great deal of harm upon you and your men, taking lives, and entering your home without permission. Although we regret the error, it was not a fault on our part. The blame falls squarely upon the shoulders of Toregon.

By breaking his word with us, we are free to break ours with him.

If you would like to contract with us to seek satisfaction in this matter, please send your man to meet with our Captain Kelly. I am fairly certain that she will oblige you a fair rate for the task of setting Baron Toregon right.

Laslo of The Hell Hounds



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