Baldemar Laslo

Laslo is a former Bonnstadt noble who now lives in exile as one of the Hell Hounds mercenaries.


Preferred weapons- Recurve Bow, Pair of Daggers

Strongest Attribute—Knowledge

Strongest Skills— Archery, Melee Dagger, Brawling (Strike), Beast Riding

Languages—- Bonnstadt, Camelot, LaCroix

Quote- “We are mercenaries we have no enemies, only employers and rivals.”


Among the Hell Hounds he’s known as Baldemar Laslo although his birth name was Baldemar Morgenstern von Recht.
From there, little else is known. He speaks Camelot with an accent somewhat like a Bonnstadti. His manners are sometimes gruff, but his overall demeanor indicates a man of education. He is decent with a blade and better with a bow, and very comfortable on horseback.
He has spoken of his past like a man who is proud. He fought against the Bonndstadti Revolutionaries in 106 (After Deceiver) alongside Nochian-Camelot forces. Some say it is because he is of Bonnstadt noble birth.
His eyes are of an unnatural orange color. Rumor has it, it is because he is cursed.

Laslo has worked as a Hell Hound for a little over 10 years. He was recently promoted to Captain of The Master Guard, an elite unit that is often assigned secret or particularly dangerous missions.

Baldemar Laslo

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