Ziril Gathol

Fiery Dwarf


Very Smart, low charisma


As a young boy his family took a trip to the foothills of Mt. Orudoo. They spent a season with family friends, members of the Dwarf Clan that lived there. One of his adopted uncles, the clan eccentric, had a blunderbuss type firearm and wander into the mountains on his own to hunt. OFD became his shadow and soon joined his uncle on these hunts. On the last trip he got lost and was not found for three days. While lost he stumbled upon a mountain stream, and in it he found a peculiar object. It had carved striations as if it were wood and it was just as light, but had the color and texture of stone. Later it also would exhibit the hardness and strength of metal, though curiously it would not transmit or retain heat. As his family returned home he now had twin hobbies: an affinity for gunpowder and fire, and on obsession with the identity of this keep sake. OFD’s family blamed the adopted uncle for losing the young dwarf and the ensuing scandal drove a wedge between the clans.

Once at home, he immediately enrolled as a smithy and indulged his affection for gunpowder and fire. Then one day he stumbled upon an uncaptioned illustration of an object that had the same striations as his keep sake. Though his keep sake seemed only to be a fragment of a larger whole, he was convinced it was the same thing. As he grew older and traveled (a rare thing for his people) he discovered the illustration was of a dragon scale. Thus his obsession turned towards dragons, and interest that drove him further from his own people, eventually becoming a self declared outcast. Though he longed to hunt for dragon’s at Mt. Orudoo, the clan strife made this very difficult.

Ziril Gathol

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