Smoke and Flame


Upon leaving the city, we would release the girl and I would right the following letter so that she may deliver it to her fiance. It would be written in Bonnstadti.

Dear Baron Herschfeldt,

During your recent battle with the forces of The Bonnstadt Freemen Army, nine men and one woman were killed in the outpost west of your castle. The next morning, four of your guards were killed inside your castle, and your betrothed was taken from there. As you are now aware, she has been returned to you without a request for ransom. This is simply because she was taken in error because of a deceit played upon us by a man that I can only assume is your enemy, Baron Toregon.

Toregon hired our company under false pretenses. He broke the code of honesty that is required by people such as us from our employers. Once we realized that we had been fooled. We immediately sent your lady back to you bearing this message.

We are The Hell Hounds. We are an honorable company of warriors. Kidnapping girls is not our line of work, although rescuing them often is.
Four of our number did inflict a great deal of harm upon you and your men, taking lives, and entering your home without permission. Although we regret the error, it was not a fault on our part. The blame falls squarely upon the shoulders of Toregon.

By breaking his word with us, we are free to break ours with him.

If you would like to contract with us to seek satisfaction in this matter, please send your man to meet with our Captain Kelly. I am fairly certain that she will oblige you a fair rate for the task of setting Baron Toregon right.

Laslo of The Hell Hounds

Adventure 1 - Saving the Princess?
  • Laslo and company meet Baron Toregon.
  • He needs the Hell Hounds to bring back his love/betrothed Dolores,as she has been kidnapped.
  • She is being kept in the royal quarters of Baron Hershfeldt, under a spell, and she is very young, 13 years old.
  • The castle is well protected and the town around the castle is known to have contain competitors of the Hell Hounds called The Red Death, thus a frontal approach isn’t ideal.
  • Instead they should infiltrate the nearby Outpost. The Baron Toregon has discovered that a secret and long forgotten escape tunnel connects the Outpost to the Castle.
  • Once they make it to the Castle they can use a magical item, a necklace, that will break the spell that has been cast on Lady Dolores.
  • To escape the castle they can take a dumb waiter to the level below the kitchen.
  • In this subterranean level they will find a dock and a fast boat. Baron Hershfeldt has been using this boat in secret to leave the castle for a series of trysts.
  • The Hell Hounds adopt the guise of a troupe of traveling entertainers as they approach the outpost.
  • They are welcomed in and Bob The Insignificant, Tzura, and Gundobold put on a show.
  • After the show, Gundobold woos the cook, and thus the troupe is allowed into the building interior for the night.
  • Gundobold leaves at some point and begins a fight for a rock.
  • The Hell Hounds kill all but one in the ensuing fight and then eliminate the one remaining witness
  • They enter the tunnels and hike for most of a mile.
  • The tunnel descends until they reach a section (50 meters) covered by water.
  • As they approach they hear the sounds of intense battle from outside, and impacts against the tunnel walls behind them.
  • They find the decrepit remains of a wooden bridge crossing the water.
  • Ever larger insects (10-20 inches) emerge from the tunnel behind them* grasshoppers, spiders, flying beetles and millipedes.
  • While fighting off the escaping insects, the Hell Hounds utilize nearby fallen planks to reach from one bridge support to the next and thus stay above water
  • Most make it across until Gundobold is left alone in the dark
  • He jumps across the last gap by himself. Tzura receives a minor injury.
  • The Hell Hounds emerge in the castle and make way to the royal quarters.
  • Outside they can see the pitched battle continuing.
  • They eliminate the castle guards, and grab the Lady Dolores.
  • They put the necklace on her and she is immediately compliant.
  • They head for the kitchen and along the way discover the necklace is actually robbing the Dolores of her will, and they are in fact kidnapping her as the necklace seems to have a Mind Slaver spell upon it..
  • They take the dumb waiter down and find the boat protected by two guards.
  • The guards tongues have been removed, rendering them mute. The guards put up a good fight but are eventually eliminated.
  • Lady Dolores suffers a mysterious injury in the fight although no one saw her get attacked.
Dark Deeds
...before the first adventure

In single file the line of acolytes enters the tunnel that leads them underground. Slowly and
with great purpose, each step leads them away from the outside world and into dim
shadows lit only by a candle. The tunnel entrance suddenly clamps shut like the maw of a
hungry animal devouring it’s feast, and all sound is extinguished. No wind, no rustling leaves,
no insects or animals. Utter silence embraces the group, smothering them in it’s dominance.
Holding the candle the curate leads the three acolytes to the edge of a pool of water. Perfectly
still, the waters are infinitely deep and black.

A thin reedy whisper rises from the hooded curate.

“From the Void … we took form, … and so to the Void … we … must … return.”

The light is extinguished and darkness takes hold of the acolytes, pushing them into the
pool, holding them beneath the surface. The struggle is violent as hands grasp and limbs
thrash, but the curate stands silent and still, for in the Void, there is peace. The mute struggle
finally ends and only one acolyte returns to the surface, gasping for breath as he climbs out
of the pool.

“The Void has given you form again, but never forget it’s embrace.”

A thief's work

After dispatching the final basilisk, the three young shifters continued their trek through the House of the Dead. House wasn’t the correct term for a building so large. Manse or castle but house was wrong. And it was old, not origins old but close. They hoped that Hermes was watching over them as they strode down the long abandoned corridors.
The young cousins mind kept going back to lifeless head of their clan-master, grandsire Felton, and the threat the albino made about the rest of their clan if they did not retrieve the Heart of the Spider from this place. Saul, the youngest, tried in vain to shift into a rat as a ghost struck out at his soul. He stepped back and released a pressure plate that caused a door to start closing. Sint, the oldest of the three, started running towards the closing door with Saul and Jeremiah close behind, they all three barely made it in to the next chamber.
Ghosts swirled around the circular room as if they where in a whirlpool. Sint noticed the Heart of the Spider in the center of the Vortex and moved towards it. The ghosts parted for the young shapeshifter as he strode confidently towards his prize. The Crystal Spider looked to be made of Sapphire.
As Sint seized the goal, the legs of the Spider came to life and impaled his hand. Sint’s hand shot straight up into the air and swirl of ghosts started to enter the gem. The doors blew open and spirits from the rest of the building entered the crystalline arachnid. As the last of the ghosts entered the Heart of the Spider, there was an explosion of energy. Sint and the others where flung against the walls.
Hours later as they arrived at the meeting place, Sint could not believe the feeling of power that flowed through him. The three waited impatiently for the arrival of the Albino and his Black elven whore.
He entered. “do you have it?”
Sint showed his Spider embedded hand to the gaunt stranger. The Spider appeared more a ruby than a sapphire now.
“ release their clan,” the Albino said to his Drow assistant.
Sint asked “ How in hades are you going to..?” the question was cut off as the Stranger’s blade cut off Sint’s hand. the move was so fast that Saul and Jeremiah swore that he thought the hand off. Sint fell to the ground in fear and astonishment expecting to die from loss of blood but the wound appeared to be healed already.
“That’s how! Thank you young sirs for you service. Here is your reward.” the Albino said as he opened a chest that had enough gold to last the clan for generations. “maybe the young master will be able to have a new hand fashioned for him.” With that the Albino left the three amazed young shapeshifters.


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