Dragon Lore

Dragon’s are the Bigfoot of this world. In other words they are rumored to exist but there is no firm proof. Some say this is because scared heathens mistook other animals for dragon activity. Others say it is because dragons are so deadly that they leave no witnesses. But a dedicated group of believers continue the hunt for the truth, though they are quite disorganized and constantly bicker over the details of dragon lore.

What is clear to the non believers is that there is no proof. Any witnesses that surface are quickly discredited; evidence uncovered is suspect at best. If Dragon’s did ever exist, they were few in number and became extinct ages ago.

Ziril Gathol has his own theories. He has gleaned his theory from hundreds of stories he’s collected and translated from dozens of cultures over the course of his career. Even his own people think he is crazy…

- The Dragon as we know it is only the last stage of it’s life cycle.
- Dragons lay eggs, but the creatures that hatch from them are wingless. Often mistaken for mountain lions, Draco’s are solitary mountain predators, though a closer examination will reveal a beak like jaw and very short hair with a thick layer of fat underneath.
- When the Draco matures it is compelled to consume huge amounts of food, much like a bear preparing for hibernation. After consuming all available prey, they will then attack each other.
- The surviving Draco’s will bury themselves in melted rock, forming it’s chrysalis.
- Except for it’s unique shape, the chrysalis is indistinguishable from it’s surrounding.
- The creature will sleep in it’s chrysalis for a hundred years before a dragon emerges.

There are several species of Dragon’s and they frequent they same kinds of high elevation environments. Dragon’s will hunt and destroy the dracos and chrysalis’s of a competing species.

Because of this peculiar life cycle Dragon’s will seem to disappear from human history for years at a time and then reappear for only a few human generations.

Dragon Lore

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