Hell Hounds - Organization

The Hell Hounds is a mercenary Company. It is made up of four Platoons of fifty soldiers each, making it small but very famous. Most of you have only recently been hired , but you all quickly won the favor of Captain Margaret Kelly with your brave actions or unique skills dealing with the border skirmishes Between the Camelot and the Tah’nab empires. The Hounds do not have a current contract but work should be forthcoming.

Each platoon has a Lt. Commander and a Sergeant-of Arms for leadership. 1st and 2nd platoons form Thunder Regiment while 3rd and 4th platoons form Lightning Regiment. Each regiment has a commander that acts as an advisor to the company’s Captain.

Thunder Regiment LightningRegiment
Commander Maurius Lucius (Tibian) Commander Roughwind (Tribesman)
Lt. Commander Maurius Ontarius (Tibian) Lt. Commander Porello (Mercanto)
Lt. Commander Raffat Joumaa (Tah’nab) Lt. Commander Storgiev (Lavdya)
SoA Hijaru Soto (Nochio) SoA Peter Smythee (Camelot)
SoA Ashok Patel (Hydrass) SoA Patrick McParker (Dobe)

The Hell Hounds has a long tradition of loyalty to each other and their employers.

When a Captain dies all members vote on who will take over leadership of the Company. Officers get five votes, Sergeants get 3, and all others get 1. There are no cultural or religious requirements to become a member, however all Hell Hounds must speak the English of Camelot.

Captain Kelly has led the unit for the last 5 years. She is well respected by all of you.

Each one of you earn 100 gold a month due to your new-hire status. However, pillaging rights come often and all meals are paid for while on campaign, putting your average closer to 200 a month take home I gold.

It is known to all of you that a Mercenary force travels under its own flag between jobs, and it’s employer’s Mercenary flag under contract.

You are all members of the Master Guard because of either your uniqueness or brute force. Members of Master Guard answer to Captain Kelly directly, no other chain of command is prescient unless the Captain so orders. The Leadership of the group is Lt. Baldemar Laslo and Sergeant of Arms Gundbold.

Hell Hounds - Organization

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